• Abhivadan

About Abhivadan

The Darshan Institute of Management recently organized Abhivadan, the much- awaited annual felicitation function. This event was specifically held to honor the outstanding achievements and contributions of students pursuing various programs such as BBA, BCOM, BBA(HON), and MBA. The ceremony served as a platform to recognize and applaud students for their remarkable academic performance, consistent attendance, impressive presentations, and active involvement in a wide range of contests organized by the institute. During Abhivadan, students were acknowledged and rewarded for their exceptional participation and achievements in contests like Bid to Win, Rangoli, and the coveted Best Participation Award.

Notably, the students were also presented with the prestigious award for the finest b-school paper, acknowledging their exceptional research and academic writing skills. Abhivadan served as a celebration of both academic excellence and artistic talents, creating an atmosphere of appreciation, encouragement, and camaraderie among the students and faculty members.

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