Astronomy Club

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About Club

Astronomy Club is dedicated to promoting the knowledge of astronomy among students. The club's primary aim is to develop scientific curiosity in students and encourage them to explore astronomy. This group allows students to explore their passion for the universe, learn from experts, and participate in various astronomy activities.


  • Stargazing Event: Under this event club members can see mesmerizing different planets & stars at night under the open sky with high resolution Telescope.
  • Expert Lectures & Seminars related to astronomy are organized every year.
  • Telescope Training is organized for the club members.
  • Arrange a movie show related to astronomy for club members.
  • Arrange a Visit to the Observatory/Science Centre.

Registration Process

  1. Registration is open throughout the year for interested students of the first year.
  2. Students can register their names to the club coordinator.
  3. An announcement is made on the University Notice board & University Website.
  4. Selection of members is based on knowing their true interest in the Astronomy field.


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