Literature & Fine Arts Club

  • Literature & Fine Arts Club

About Club

Darshan University's Literature and Fine Arts Club, with 40+ students, functions as creative detectives, exploring literature and refining writing and acting skills. They uncover hidden artistic gems, who spread joy through workshops, projects, and vibrant wall paintings. As a close-knit family, they laugh, learn, and create together, making the club an exciting and joyful artistic community that extends beyond art appreciation to forming friendships with fellow art enthusiasts.

“Joining this club isn't just joining a club; it's like finding your art-loving squad and having the time of your LIFE!”

Registration Process

  1. Registration is open throughout the year for new entrants interested in joining.
  2. Announcement of the same is posted on University Notice board & University Website.
  3. All the students of Darshan University are eligible for enrollment.
  4. Selection of members is on basis of their demonstrated creativity, genuine interest and enthusiasm.
  5. Contact L & FA Club coordinator(s) for more details.


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