Green Initiatives

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About Green Initiatives

AT Darshan University, we work to instil a green lifestyle among the young and impressionable students by undertaking green moves which can help to lower the global temperature.

Sustainable environment in college campus impacts students’ lives positively on a daily basis as well. Studies have shown that students studying in active green campuses have better knowledge retention capacity, environmental behaviours, community solidarity, etc.

Solar Powered Campus

We have installed Solar Panels with a capacity of 50 KWP on the rooftop of main building. University Campus is designed with several initiatives for reducing energy consumption and utilizing renewable natural resources such as solar panels. It is envisaged to create the campus into a prototype of a ‘no waste’ and ‘carbon negative’ site.

Green Campus

Campus has around 200 species of plants including Herbs, Shrubs and Shady Trees DU has its own aesthetic beauty. DU welcomes everyone who enters the campus with a wide variety of plants and saplings surrounded by trees.

Besides this, there are colourful landscape gardens creating many green spots in and around the campus. Efforts are being made to develop the campus on green concepts, particularly focusing on water conservation, use of alternative sources of energy, solid waste management and sustainable architectural designs of buildings.

Energy Conservation

Our college has been very conscious about energy conservation. On every floor, the floor supporting staff and students are trained to switch off lights and fans when not required. Air conditioners are used only during the months when the temperatures are not comfortable, and they are set at 25 degrees Celsius. The other strategies put to use include:

  • Restricted entry of automobiles
  • Pedestrian-friendly pathways
  • Ban on the use of plastic
  • Landscaping with trees and plants

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