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About Club

Equipping oneself with Self-Defense techniques not only empowers individuals but also ensures a safer campus community. By promoting workshops, seminars, and training sessions on Self-Defense, Darshan University actively prioritizes the well-being and preparedness of its students and faculty.

Implementing Self-Defense programs within the extracurricular activities further reinforces the university's commitment to holistic student development, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional preparedness in any situation.

Registration Process

  1. Students can get membership in the club by clearing a small physical screening test.
  2. Registration is open for new entrants whenever a new batch launches every 6 months.
  3. Announcement of the same is made on University Notice board & University Website.
  4. Students of every Semester are eligible for enrollment.
  5. Selection of Volunteers is on basis of first come first serve.
  6. Contact Self-Defence Club Faculty Co-ordinator for more details.


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