• Infrastructure


The University provides hostel facilities to the students with fully furnished AC & Non-AC rooms with bed, wardrobe, study-table, etc.


The University provides transport facilities to the students and the staff from Rajkot, Morbi, Gondal, Tankara, Dhrol, Jamnagar, Padadhari and Shaper with a qualified and experienced driver. At present, there are 50+ buses catering to the requirements of safe and secured commute to all the members of our Institution. Key routes are defined across the city and these routes reach the nooks and corners of the assigned cities. The timing is scheduled in such a way that all the buses arrive or depart to/from the College campus in time. The number of buses will be expanded corresponding to the increase in the intake of students. Additionally, each bus is equipped with GPS based tracking system for timely and safe transportation. The management ensures hassle-free and secure transportation.


Variety of Food Items: The cafeteria has several food counters providing a variety of food items to choose from! A well-organized “coupon” system is followed in the cafeteria in which a coupon is bought from the main counter and this coupon is used to get the desired food item.

Price and Quality Control: The prices of the food items are fixed by the authorities and are easily affordable by the students.

Emphasis on Cleanliness and Hygiene: Proper cleanliness and hygiene is maintained both by the cooking & cleaning teams and Prof. In-charge Canteen, inspect and check all the cafeterias regularly. Keeping in view the importance of a healthy diet, the cafeterias serve good quality nutritious food with a healthy touch. For those who crave handsome dishes, the canteen serves samosas, sandwiches, chips, milkshakes, cold coffee, ice cream, chocolates, patties…etc. The speciality of the cafeterias is its tea and coffee which are addicting.

Complaints and Suggestions are Welcome: We at DU believe that improvement is a continuous process. Complaints and suggestions if any are always welcome from the students for the improvement in services. For this, the students can contact the Teacher In-charge Canteens directly.

DU follows the mantra of “fun-learning” which is why it promotes studying along with a great café experience!!!!!

Book Bank

The University has a provision of a Book Bank Facility to help the needy meritorious students. University provides Book Bank facility to the students and the main aim of this service is to help the needy meritorious students. The Book Bank has a separate collection of 27,000 books other than the library books. The book bank facility is given to 100% students of the total strength of each class.

Depending upon the availability of the sets of books, priority is given to the students on the merit of the last examination. The students are not eligible for the book bank facility if they fail in the semester-end examination. A nominal 10% of the book value (set of textbooks) is taken as maintenance charges from all the categories of students, who are selected for the book bank facility.

Student Store

The Student Store is the one-stop-shop for all academics. The college offers a fully functional student store that stocks and supplies merchandise ranging from pencils to tasty snacks, selling wares to the students, teachers, and even the occasional visitors. It is located near the main block. This student store has been established to help students in the purchase of books, stationery and all other general requirements at a moderate rate.

This is a non-profit initiative to provide cost-effective shopping of class-room accessories for students. A photocopy facility is also available here on a payment basis at moderate rates. All transactions of the store by way of sale shall be on the ready money system. The store will be kept open on all working days between 9 am to 4.15 pm.

First Aid Center

Medical facilities are available on the campus. The University has appointed an expert Medical Officer, who visits the college regularly for the benefit of the students and the Staff. We have also linkage with hospitals in Rajkot city for any emergency.


The State bank of India has provided an ATM, which is at the entrance of the campus, useful for both students and the public. The facility is open to all students, staff and faculty of Darshan University.

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