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Visit at NC-12B, Hadala Pumping Station

  17 Sep 2021

By visiting the NC-12B, Hadala Pumping Station, students came to know the practical and real implementation of high-power motor and its application along with various equipment’s in pumping station. They also get information about SAUNI YOJNA and connectivity between different pumping station. They could easily understand the layout & working of each and every apparatus used in the pumping station. Size and physical appearance of the apparatus made students to better understand about the real application of machines. Students saw 11kV incomer, 11 kV VCB, different ratting’s transformers for different load, LT panel, 3.3 kV 500 kW Induction motor with different starter, different types of pump and its coupling with motor. Apart from these, students got to see the control room. Students understood water flow and other parameters are monitored by data acquisition system became the most interesting part of the visit.

Visit at NC-12B, Hadala Pumping Station

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