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Live Demonstrations of Electrical Measuring Instruments

  29 Mar 2022

A Skill Development activity on “Live Demonstrations of Electrical Measuring Instruments“ was organized for the final and pre-final year Diploma #Electrical #Engineering students of Government Polytechnic & AVPTI, Rajkot.  
The activity was purposed to acquire the field knowledge about applications and hands-on use of various electrical measuring instruments like Power Analyzer, Energy Meter, Power Logger, Thermo Recorder, Thermal Imager, Digital Earth Resistivity Tester, CT-PT, Non-contact Electricity Tester, Test Lamp, Stroboscope etc. 
The program is specially arranged for the students of Government Polytechnic, Rajkot for the knowledge exchange under the Strategic Partnership between two institutions as signed during Gujarat Vibrant Summit 2022.

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