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Industrial Visit at APMC – BEDI, RAJKOT organized for MBA students

  20 Sep 2022

An industrial visit was organized at the 2nd Largest APMC of Gujarat APMC - Bedi, Rajkot for MBA Students to get Practical Knowledge of How APMC works on a large scale? What Kinds of Administrative Procedures are following? Which Kind of Platforms & Facilities are provided to Farmers? How are they managing all Operational activities? etc. 

Students have visited various places like; the Brokers association, Sorted Machinery Plants, and Entry & Exit Gate for the process of Agri products, Watch Live Auction of different spices & grains.

We are thankful to Mr. Jayeshbhai Boghara (Chairman), Mr. Rajeshbhai Ravesiya (Director), Mr. B.R.Tejani (Secretary), Mr. B.H.Sorathiya (Assistant Secretary), Mr. P.R.Bhut (Inspector), Mr. K.B.Zalavadiya (Inspector) of APMC Bedi for allowing our students to visit and providing all information, Guidance & Support before and during visit. Dr. Alpesh Gajera, Dr. Navjyot Raval & Dr. Dhaval Vyas has coordinated the visit.


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