Student Activity Center (SAC)

  • Student Activity Center (SAC)

Student Activity Center (SAC)

University has a Students Activity Center (SAC) with 5 major clubs and associated satellite clubs currently in place. Student’s creativity, leadership quality, add-on skills, civic virtues, etc. are nurtured here through round-the-year activities and association with professional bodies.

Technical Club

Main objective of this club is to promote and encourage student’s participation in various technical activities like developing project and working models, exploring new technologies, conducting workshops and expert lectures, coaching for different competitive exams, participating as well as organizing technical competitions, etc. Various satellite clubs currently active under this are:

  • ISTE Student's Chapter

    Indian Society for Technical Education - New Delhi, is a professional organization working in area of technical education. The major objective of ISTE is to assist and contribute to the development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industry through meaningful interactions among various technical institutions. Various activities are conducted round the year by students under this chapter, the major being Frolic – Institute’s annual technical festival organized in odd semesters every year.

  • Robotics Club

    Robotics club provides platform to students across the disciplines to experiment and learn principles and practices in engineering through fun activities and robot design. Club is equipped with resources and currently offers three courses viz. Beginners’ course, Advance course and Application design using Robotics. Students are also encouraged to participate in various national and international competitions.

  • GATE study Club

    Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all India examination conducted jointly by IISc. and IITs on behalf of MHRD, Govt. of India. GATE is used as screening exam for admission to postgraduate programs, scholarships/assistantships during studies, recruitments in PSUs, etc. Branch wise complete one year coaching program is designed for GATE aspirants which starts from semester VI of engineering. Coaching is provided by faculties at the institute as well as experts from outside.

  • Mobile and Wireless Technologies Club

    Mobile and Wireless Technologies Club (MWTC) works in affiliation to MWTC at GTU. Various workshops and expert lectures on mobile platforms, mobile and wireless technologies are arranged.

Sports Club

Main objective of sports club is encourage all students at the Institute to participate in games and sports activities of their choice. The club facilitates both indoor and outdoor sports and has many active satellite clubs like Cricket club, Football club, Table tennis club, Badminton club, Chess club, Rubik’s cube club, Carrom club etc. All clubs are equipped with required resources and students regularly meet to play and practice.

Sports club also organizes coaching of students in various sports. Coaching is provided by peers as well as professionals. The club organizes Annual Sports Meet every year in even semesters. Students are encouraged and supported to participate in various sports competitions at university, state and national levels.

Literature & Arts Club

Literature and Arts club supports all form of activities related to literature, fine arts and performing arts. Satellite club related to literature and fine arts administers activities related to painting, clay art, poetry, creative writing, elocutions, etc. Satellite club related to performing arts covers activities on dance, drama and theater.

The club provides platform where members meet regularly and share their creation with peers. Such interactions not only nurture their talent but also polish it through constructive criticism and discussions. The club also plans monthly theme based activities, annual exhibitions and stage performances. The major event under this club is Institute’s Annual Cultural Festival – Udaan which is organized in even semesters every year.

Film & Music Club

Music Club is aimed to be a place where musically gifted students will come together and explore their talents. Music Club at the Institute is furnished with musical instruments like keyboards, tabala, guitar, drum set, etc. The club encourages amateur music enthusiast through regular training and practice sessions by peers and professionals. The club organizes related events at the Institute and participates in various university level competitions.

Film club supports activities like photography, film screening, film review and various other aspects related to film making like film writing, directing, set designing, cinematography, editing, VFX creations, audio recording and processing, etc. Club organizes various expert lectures and workshops by professionals.

Community Activities Club

Community Activities Club represents intention of the Institute and its members to reach out beyond its wall to contribute to society and to share what we have for the benefit of the community at large. The club engages in several activities like blood donation camps, environment awareness programs, swachhta abhiyan, smart city program, collection and distribution programs for needy people, etc. The club also involves in activities to make advantage of technology reach to society. Few good examples of this are Urja-mitra Van for educating society on energy management, mobile apps related to BRTS/RMTS, engineering admissions, GUJCET preparations, etc.


Sr. Cordinator Name
1 Prof. K. C. Agola Institute Coordinator
2 Prof. D. S. DadhaniyaSports Coordinator
3 Prof. N. R. VadodariyaDepartment Coordinator - Computer Science & Engineering
4 Prof. R. M. FataniyaDepartment Coordinator - Civil Engineering
5 Prof. H. K. LakhaniDepartment Coordinator - Electrical Engineering
6 Prof. A. N. TankDepartment Coordinator - Mechanical Engineering

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