Computer Engineering Laboratories

Computer Engineering Laboratories

The computer laboratories across the campus comprise over six hundred computers for use of students and staff.

The laboratories form an integral part of the curriculum, providing an environment where students reinforce their understanding of the fundamental principles of Computer Engineering and apply that knowledge in experimental analysis and problem-solving. The Computer Engineering department has state of the art laboratory facilities to furnish the needs of engineering students.

Every course offered by the department includes laboratory experiments; as a result every lab is equipped with sufficient number of latest computer nodes to meet the requirement of single computer per student.

Computer Labs support Core i3 Nodes and High End Servers connected through latest switches. Internet and Intranet network facilities supported by high quality software based on curriculum and global requirements, along with latest operating systems, allowing the staff and students to develop their skills and provide an interactive platform to work with.

The college provides free access to Internet to its students through 16 MBPS connectivity, the local Intranet; a 100 MBPS switched network provides an interactive platform for sharing resources and building communities.

Computer peripherals, Multimedia projectors, scanners, laser printers, web cameras form the part of the facilities.

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