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Darshan University, School of Management is an institute of excellence offering the widest range of programmes in the field of management education. In response to the rapidly changing economic environment and the process of globalization, the Institute has made sustained efforts to bring an international perspective to all its activities. Darshan University is making a significant contribution to management in a wide range of areas, which are relevant to practitioners and policymakers and are of concern for society at large.

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Dr. Gopi Sanghani

Ph.D. , M.E. (CE) Dean - School of Management

I often wonder as to what is the purpose of education. How should a good education system look like? Should it just equip you to earn a living and make a great career? Or should it aim at developing you holistically to make you a great human being and help you discover your true purpose so that you can lead a meaningful life in all respects? Should it just create professionals or work to build “inspired leaders” i.e. those who can lead themselves and others around them with confidence, well thought through decisions and strong value system? Those who are not focused purely on the wellbeing of self but also care to contribute to wellbeing of community, nation and planet.

It is easy to flow with the tide and do what everyone else is doing but in order to challenge norms, ask the right questions and to do what really needs to be done, takes courage. It is with this thought process that Darshan University was conceived.

A robust education system should not only focus on quality of education delivered but on all the other aspects which will help to put this education to good use. It should aim at creating an enabling environment which ignites the passion in students to learn, through an innovative curriculum and impactful faculty. The curriculum should focus not just on “knowing” or “doing”, but a lot more on “being”. While embracing global norms, it should also have Indian ethos and spirituality as its foundation. The faculty should not just be subject matter experts, but those who are role models and inspire students to follow strong values.

Who we are?

Darshan University - having the foundation of its first Institution laid in 2009, and later on, established and consolidated under Gujarat Private Universities (Second Amendment) Act of 2021. It is one of the leading institutes within Saurashtra that offers Diploma, UG, and PG Courses.

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Rajkot - Morbi Highway,
Gujarat-363650, INDIA

Rajkot : Office No. 401, Lotus Arcade, 8-Royal Park, Near KKV Hall, Gujarat-360005, INDIA

Morbi : Galaxy Plaza F-12, Near Umiya Circle, Sanala Road, Gujarat-363641, INDIA