Electrical Engineering Laboratories

Electrical Engineering Laboratories

Department of Electrical Engineering has developed various laboratories with a variety of standard equipment and software tools, which are the necessity of today’s industries. Following is a close glimpse at various existing laboratories:

Elements of Electrical Engineering Lab

  • Ohm’s Law
  • Kirchoff’s Law
  • Measurement of temperature coefficient of different materials
  • R-L-C resonance
  • 1-Ø & 3- Ø power measurement
  • Star – Delta verification
  • Wiring connection practice
  • Tube light connection
  • Earthing & Protective Devices

AC Machines

  • Polarity test on 1-Ø & 3- Ø Transformers
  • O.C. & S.C. test of 1-Ø & 3- Ø Transformers
  • Scott Connection of 1-Ø Transformers
  • Voltage Regulation & Efficicency of 1-Ø & 3- Ø Transformers
  • Sumpner's Test
  • Parallel operation of transformers
  • No Load & Blocked-Rotor Test of I.M.
  • Direct Load Test on I.M.
  • Speed Control Methods for 3- Ø I.M. with VVVF Drive
  • Synchronous Impedance,MMF & ZPF Method for Synchronous generator
  • Slip Test on Synchronous generator

D.C. Machines

  • O.C.C. of Seperately Excited D.C. Shunt Generator
  • Load Test on D.C. Shunt Generator
  • Torque-Speed Characteristics of D.C. Shunt Motor
  • Speed Control of D.C. Shunt Motor
  • Swinburne's Test on D.C. Shunt Motor
  • Hopkinson's Test on two identical D.C. Machines
  • Field Test on D.C. Series Motor
  • Seperation of losses in D.C. machines

High Voltage Lab

  • 150 KV, 100 J, 5 stage Impulse Generator
  • 50 KV AC/70 KV SC Power frequency
  • Testing of Transformer Oil according to IS:6792
  • Generation of High Voltage DC with Rectifier Circuit
  • Generation of Impulse VOltage through Marx Generator
  • Generation of High Voltage AC through Cacaded transformer
  • Testing of Solid Insulation with Tape Electrode
  • Measurement of the parameters by Standard Sphere Gap method

Power Lab

  • Overcurrent relay characteristics
  • Radial Feeder Protection
  • Parallel Feeder Protection
  • Transformer Protection
  • Generator Protection
  • Induction Motor Protection
  • Protections from Overcurrent, Earth fault, Overload, Biased Differential, Restricted Earth fault, Current Unbalance, Over-Under Voltage, Over-Under frequency,Under Power, Overfluxing, Stator Earth fault, Phase Reversal, Single Phasing Protection, Over-Under Current schemes are available

Electrical Circuit Lab

  • Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
  • Superposition Theorem
  • Measurement of Z-Parameters and Y-Parameters for given two-port Systems
  • Thevenin's Theorem
  • Norton's Theorem
  • Reciprocity Theorem
  • Measurement of RC Time Constant
  • Measurement of RL Time Constant

Measurement Lab

  • Maxwell's bridge, Anderson's bridge, Hay's bridge
  • De Sauty's bridge, Schering's bridge, Owen's bridge
  • Kelvin's double bridge, Wheatstone double bridge
  • Thermocouple based ON-OFF controller
  • Measurement of Temperature using RTD
  • Extension of range of wattmeter using CT and PT
  • Measurement of Flow rate by Anemometer
  • Calibration of meters by various methods
  • Measurement of Self and mutual inductance
  • Measurement of Displacement using LVDT

Computer Lab

  • Simulation Software MATLAB
  • Keii Development Tools for various microcontrollers
  • Video Lectures Library
  • 8085 Simulator
  • Online Course Learning Facilities
  • Moodle- a Course Management System

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