Computer Engineering Laboratories

Android Lab

The Android operating system is the world’s most popular mobile platform. The objective of the lab is to develop interactive applications in smartphone with multiple activities including audio, video, and notifications.

Android app development using Marvel App (Wireframing and Prototyping), Android Studio (development), Appium (testing), Jira & Trello (issue tracking), play store management (deployment).

iOS Lab

The purpose of this lab aims at providing students the knowledge about the Apple development in Operating System Environment.

The iOS lab is privileged with the cutting edge infrastructure with Apple devices such as iMacs, Macbooks, Mac Mini, iPads & iPhones. It is a space to collaborate with students to work with a diverse team on real-world problems and create apps to solve them.

IoT Lab

IoT lab has developed recently with cutting edge resources. Students learn Prototyping using a Wi-Fi development board, Arduino/Python programming, Integrating various sensors to the IoT platform using MQTT and HTTP protocol. The IoT lab provides Real-Time exposure to future technology.

List of Live Demos

  • Sit-ups and Exit
  • Smart Dustbin
  • Light Sensitive Curtains
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitor
  • Contactless Water Dispenser
  • Theater Mode for Conference Hall
  • Occupancy Zone-Based Power Control
  • Automatic Plant Watering with Humidity Monitoring

Computer Lab

The computer laboratories across the campus comprise over six hundred computers for students and staff.

The laboratories form an integral part of the curriculum, providing an environment where students reinforce their understanding of the fundamental principles of Computer Engineering and implement that knowledge in experimental analysis and problem-solving. The Computer Engineering department has state of the art laboratory facilities to furnish the needs of engineering students.

Every course offered by the department includes laboratory experiments; as a result, every lab is equipped with a sufficient number of latest computer nodes to meet the requirement of a single computer per student.

  • Database Lab
  • CS / Network Lab
  • .Net / MS SQL Lab
  • Python Tools Lab
  • C / C++ / Java Lab
  • Data Structure Lab
  • PHP / MYSQL Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab

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